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True architecture is durable, functional and beautiful. The people of Northern Ireland deserve true architecture in every building project.

Donal MacRandal, RSUA President

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Accessibility Challenges of designing for COVID-19

As the world races towards a COVID-19 vaccine many experts believe we are still a long way off from returning to how things were.  Architects have been designing in the context of the pandemic now for some time, but what about the challenges of ensuring buildings are accessible to all? Since the start of the […]

07 January   2021 -

Online, via Teams

The urbanist’s guide to the future of towns and cities

The world changed in March of 2020. How cities have moved forward and how they will continue to change in the coming months and years in response to the COVID19 crisis will determine their resilience, inclusiveness, and economic viability.  Through the lens of urbanism this session will look at how urban centres can be brought […]

16 November   2020 -

Online, via Teams

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