Raidío Fáilte – Líonra Uladh Béal Feirste

by McGurk Architects & ARdMackel

This is a remarkable project in a very demanding location, adjacent to the busy Westlink at the junction with the Falls Road. The building appears as a small tower marking this critical point in the city. The building is brick externally with gold anodised perforated sliding screens which close the building up at night. During the day the screens slide to reveal a popular café on the ground floor. Internally the building is surprisingly light filled. The tower is carefully and efficiently planned, adopting clever strategies in order to open up the single stair to the rest of the floors.

The jury were hugely impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of the client. There was a recognition by the client of the value and role of good design in creating a facility that not only functions well but sends out a positive message and invitation to the broader community.

The jury were equally impressed by the skills exercised by the architects in working with the budget to produce a building of great character, simplicity and value