Construction Case Law Update: Payment and adjudication

RIBA Curriculum Topic: Procurements and Contracts

Seminar Info

Challenges and disputes around payments are on the rise. So this is the perfect time to get up to date about the latest examples of construction case law. Knowing the details can help you avoid potential pitfalls when it comes to contracts. RSUA, in partnership with Gately Legal, has organised this seminar on recent adjudication and payment case law.

These examples will cover:

• Adjudication – Can a single dispute contain various sub issues?
• Conclusivity of Final Statement in JCT
• Jurisdiction of Adjudicator / Breach of natural justice in Adjudication
• “Genuine belief” and payment.
• Severance of an Adjudicator’s decision
• Status, effect and implications of mandatory Adjudication provisions in a construction contract

Speaker Info

Mark Lennon is an experienced dispute resolution lawyer for Gately Legal. He acts for clients in various forms of dispute resolution, including formal court litigation, adjudication, mediation and negotiation. Mark specialises in contentious construction matters, acting for a wide range of clients including housebuilders, developers, contractors and sub-contractors.


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