Understand you. Work better with others.

Relationships are critically important to everybody’s life and work. Architects in particular rely heavily on maintaining good relationships to make things happen – with colleagues, clients, consultants, planners and other stakeholders. Understanding your own personality, really appreciating how you think and work, and having an insight into the personality of others can help form and maintain positive relationships.

At this event, which is open to all RSUA members, you are invited to learn more about your personality type and how you can enhance your working (and personal!) relationships and gain a better understanding of others in order to communicate more effectively with them. Kicking off on the week of International Women’s Day, RSUA hopes to make this the first in a series of events supported by RSUA Women in Architecture focused on leadership, diversity and healthy working.

This three-hour workshop will be held at the Lyric Theatre in South Belfast, recent recipient of the RIAI Gold Medal. The session will give participants an introduction to the Narrative Enneagram, a tool for helping us to better understand how we think and communicate. Participants will:

  • gain extra awareness of their own communication style
  • identify their ‘enneagram type’ and consider how it might differ or match those with whom they live and work
  • learn more about how to understand the thinking of others in a non-judgmental way
  • relax and get to know themselves, from a different point of view

The event will be followed by drinks at the Lyric Theatre bar for those who can attend!

About the facilitator

Moya Morris is a Certified Teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. She has studied the Enneagram system for over 25 years and delivers tailor-made Enneagram Coaching & Workshops for individuals, couples, groups and teams in the UK, throughout Europe and the USA as well as online.