The Academy of Urbanism: Annual Congress in Belfast

The Annual Congress held by The Academy of Urbanism is open to everyone. RSUA members can avail of a 15% discount on tickets by using the booking link at the bottom of the page.

Congress in Belfast represents an opportunity to combine some of the current strategic issues such as A Bolder Vision and the work of the High Streets Task Force and major cultural place-focused cultural initiatives such as UNESCO City of Music and the forthcoming Year of Culture, to explore how people and communities can be engaged in the city’s authentic placemaking.

Cities face many challenges. Rapid responses necessitated by Covid 19 and the increasingly immediate impacts of a climate in crisis are testing our urban centres like never before. These, and the acceleration of changed practices such as home working, online shopping, and the future of tourism, are issues facing cities around the globe. Our opportunity is to guide the long term, sustainable change needed in how our cities function, look, and feel for people.

Belfast has a history of overcoming challenges. Its long heritage of resilience and three decades of change is not all you think you know. It can inform cities in unexpected ways. And, as new energies combine in ways not seen in the city before, Belfast can learn from others and reflect on what more it needs to do to make the next three decades a success.

  • How does Belfast, or any city, involve citizens from different backgrounds in shaping a city focused on their needs?
  • How does it make its authentic assets and stories relevant to people?
  • How does it encourage leadership to address climate change?
  • How does it ensure that things get done amid fragmented visions and authorities?
  • How does it pay for its ambitions?

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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Afternoon city tours and evening civic reception

Thursday 9 June 2022

Congress Belfast Day, Workshops and Cultural Reception

Friday 10 June 2022

Congress International Day, Workshops and Congress Dinner

Congress Dinner is included in all 3 day tickets (excluding charity/community tickets) and will take place on Friday 10 June at 7:30pm. Dinner-only tickets are also available for purchase.