Carbon Designer for Ireland Tool Demo

Presented by the Irish Green Buildings Council

The Carbon Designer tool is a new simple tool for estimating the carbon impact of a project at an early stage of building design. You are invited to a free live demo.

The tool is free and quickly shows the user differences they can make to the overall carbon impact by selecting different material build ups of large elements such as walls, floors and roof.

This is key because it is at the earliest stages many of the big, most impactful decisions in the design process are made.

Getting the whole design team to understand the approach at an early stage allows better buy-in and co-operation. The Carbon Designer is designed to help users do just this. The tool was developed with OneClickLCA.

The event will be presented by Stephen Barrett, Whole Life Carbon Project Lead at IGBC. Stephen has an MSC. in Sustainability & Adaptation in the Built Environment and has worked as an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) Specialist contractor.