Clients: Fulfilling your obligations under CDM regulations

The 2016 Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations imposed a number of significant legal responsibilities on construction clients. Whilst architects, contractors and other consultants are mostly up-to-speed with the new regulations many construction clients are not fully aware of their obligations despite the fact that failure to comply may constitute a criminal offence. This is understandable as there has been a dearth of awareness training on the client’s role.

To address this RSUA is holding three one-hour seminars on the Client’s roles, duties and responsibilities under CDM(NI)2016.  It is relevant to anyone who has, is, or is likely to be a client for a construction project.  It is relevant regardless of the size of the project and applies to clients of one-off and multiple projects.  Don’t worry if you can’t attend a live session, RSUA will make the recordings available to delegates.

Seminar Content

  • Managing Projects – Friday 4 September 2-3pm
  • Background
  • Structure of CDM(NI)2016
  • Duty holders
  • The Client as duty holder
  • The commercial client
  • The domestic client
  • Project phases
  • Appointments & Notification – Friday 11 September – 2-3pm
  • Managing the project
  • Appointments & fees
  • Providing information
  • Notification
  • Check PD performing
  • PCI & tender

  • The Domestic Client – Friday 18 September – 2-3pm

  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Check PC performing
  • Welfare facilities
  • Management arrangements 
  • Completion and handover
  • Post Construction
  • Health & Safety File
  • Contents of the File
  • Problems and pitfalls
  • Current issues & possible solutions


Jim Armstrong is founder and Director of DIMENSIONS Design & Management Ltd. Jim has over twenty years’ experience, eighteen self-employed, as Chartered Architect and CDM Consultant – including Planning Supervisor / CDM Co-ordinator / CDM Principal Designer under past / current UK legislation and PSDP under Irish legislation.  Jim has been one of RSUA’s key delivery partners in CDM training.