Climate resilience heritage summit COP26

Join Department for Communities, their sister heritage organisations in the UK, and a number of climate change experts for an interactive day of discussions, presentations and workshops focussing on climate risk and resilience of UK heritage.

Our heritage is resilient by definition but increasing frequency and intensity of climate hazards are beginning to require additional funding and resource in order to understand and protect significant places and assets from hazards.

Public sector bodies and charities are working together to understand the impacts of climate change on the places in their care. This event will bring together academics and practitioners, regulators and charitable bodies to discuss and present their efforts to explore the exposure, vulnerability and impacts of climate hazards on the historic environment.

As well as talks on risk, this event will showcase the possibilities of working with climate data to develop tools with which assessments can be made on options for adaptation and thresholds for change.

Join the summit virtually on 27 October 2021 to participate, give your views and share your experience on heritage resilience and climate change.