Introduction to the role of Principal Designer

For people familiar with the CDM (NI) Regulations 2016, either through our seminars or their own reading, we have partnered with Jim Armstrong to deliver a full day course dedicated to the role of Principal Designer.

This introductory course will equip delegates with the knowledge and understanding to undertake the new CDM2016 Principal Designer role on small and medium sized projects.

Architects already have many of the skills that are needed to be a Principal Designer and this course will give delegates a definitive understanding of the Regulations and how to discharge their duties in a practical and proportionate manner.

Course Content

  • Appointment as Principal Designer – fees, terms, schedule of services, PI insurance;
  • What a good PD actually does and how they can add value to the client’s project;
  • Design Risk Management and its importance to the PD role;
  • Applying effective design risk management techniques through good soft skills;
  • Understanding how to deliver the PD service and its component parts (PCI and H&S File) in a proportionate, practical and effective way;
  • Pre-Construction Information – what is required;
  • Health and Safety File preparation and delivery.
  • Understanding collaborative methods and ways of securing designer teamwork;
  • How the role of Principal Designer fits into the RIBA Plan of Work;
  • Liaising with the Principal Contractor and input to the Construction Phase Plan and;
  • Dealing with design changes during the construction phase.


The course is presented by Jim Armstrong founder and Director of DIMENSIONS Design & Management Ltd. Jim has over twenty years’ experience, eighteen self-employed, as Chartered Architect and CDM Consultant – including Planning Supervisor / CDM Co-ordinator / CDM Principal Designer under past / current UK legislation and PSDP under Irish legislation.

Key details

Course duration: Full Day

When: 9pm to 5pm on Wednesday 9th October 2019

Where: Lecture Room 4, Riddel Hall, Stranmillis Road, Belfast

Directions: Link/map