nZEB becomes mandatory for all new buildings by end of 2020 – are you ready?

Through Building Regulation 43B, the energy performance requirements of new buildings is changing and from 31 December 2020 any new buildings erected will have to be “nearly zero energy buildings”.  RSUA is currently seeking clarity on the interpretation of nZEB standards in Northern Ireland. 

In the Republic of Ireland any new dwellings will have to meet nZEB standards by the same date.  New buildings occupied by public authorities have faced this requirement since the end of 2018. Any buildings completed after these dates should achieve the standard irrespective of when they were started.

A nearly zero energy building is one which is responsible for little or zero carbon emission. This goal can be reached due to fabric improvements (insulation, airtightness, etc.) and extreme low carbon heat and power technologies (high-efficiency boilers, photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, etc).  To equip members with the skills and knowledge they need to design to this standard, RSUA has organised this seminar with an expert in nZEB standards.

Course content

This session will consider the following areas:

  • Defining NZEB: targets and thresholds
  • High performance building Principle 1: Continuity of Insulation
  • Principle 2: Airtightness and vapour control
  • Principle 3: Thermal bridging and mould avoidance
  • Principle 4: Windows: solar gains and overheating
  • Principle 5: Ventilation: intermittent, continuous and with heat recovery
  • Renewable energy generation: heat pumps and PV
  • Reflections on NZEB in Republic of Ireland – 7 months on
  • Challenges in delivering cost-effective NZEB
  • Future Proofing NZEB Compliance
  • Question and Answers

Speaker info

Tomás O’Leary is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of MosArt.  Tomás designed, built and lives in the first certified Passive House in the English speaking world and is an advocate for all things Passive House.  He is an educator and a presenter, an experienced research scientist and an environmental entrepreneur.

MosArt has been centrally involved in several flagship high performance buildings, including certifying the tallest Passive House building in the New York City in 2018. Since 2017, MosArt has played a leading role in design, consulting and education relating to NZEB, including hosting three international NZEB Conferences.