Talk by Cliff Moser on Architecture 3.0

The School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast is hosting a talk by Cliff Moser, an architect from California. Cliff is described as “an agile lean practitioner”. He is an experienced industry presenter and author with a focus on the impact of the recession and how new ways of working will increase value to architects and their clients.  Through his recent book Architecture 3.0 (2014) he states that “… is my goal … to help guide the professional and the profession into a more integrated and connected design-solving world, where the architect can redefine and recover their role.”

All RSUA members are invited to attend the talk.

Key details

Where: Room LG 024,DavidKeirBuilding, QUB, off theStranmillis Road,Belfast

When: 6pm on 23 November 2015

Cost: Free