The Pain Preventor: JCT Contracts Payment Requirements

The JCT contract is frequently used by architects across Northern Ireland and further afield and often the crucial areas are around payments.  Missing a date, for example, could prove expensive.  Now more so than ever, perhaps, as we settle into living with COVID-19, it is critical to ensure payments are buttery smooth and hassle-free to keep projects moving forward.  To help you understand the requirements, opportunities and pitfalls of payments under JCT contracts, RSUA has organised this 90-minute seminar to equip you with the insights and skills to keep your projects on track.

Course content

This 90-minute seminar includes a question and answer session and will consider the following topics:

  • Interim payments – dates and certificates
  • Contractor’s applications and payment notices
  • Payments – amounts and notices
  • Failure to pay amount due
  • Rights of suspension for contractors
  • Certification and final payment
  • Lessons learned during COVID-19

Speaker info

Jim Armstrong is founder and Director of DIMENSIONS Design & Management Ltd. Jim has 25 years’ experience as a Chartered Architect and CDM Consultant. Jim has been one of RSUA’s key delivery partners in training.  Jim holds an LLM in Construction Law, Arbitration and Adjudication and has practical experience of contract administration under JCT.