The Practicalities of Principal Designer

9am-5pm Thursday 30th January 2020

The new Construction Design & Management Regulations (NI) have now been in effect for over a year. Many construction professionals have developed a sound understanding of the new regulations and have either gained experience as a Principal Designer or at least have been introduced to the role. To help members continue their development in this role and to enhance their ability to efficiently discharge their duties RSUA has developed this one day workshop. The workshop focuses on the practical delivery of the role and is appropriate for practices of all types and is aimed at those with an existing reasonable understanding of the regulations.

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop the candidate numbers will be restricted to 12.

Workshop Content

•             Appointment

•             Pre-construction phase

•             Construction phase

•             Completion of a project

•             Example scenario exercises

Throughout the workshop, participants will be provided with example correspondence and pro-formas for future use.


Jim Armstrong is founder and Director of DIMENSIONS Design & Management Ltd. Jim has over twenty years’ experience, eighteen self-employed, as Chartered Architect and CDM Consultant – including Planning Supervisor / CDM Co-ordinator / CDM Principal Designer under past / current UK legislation and PSDP under Irish legislation. Jim has been one of RSUA’s key delivery partners in CDM training.