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Get involved

RSUA is focused on nurturing architectural talent and helping to create working conditions that allow architects to flourish in this region of Ireland and the UK.

There are lots of ways to get involved. You can take part in: free tours of award-winning buildings; the Perfectly Proportioned Quiz of Architecture and Other Things; a wide-ranging programme of Continuous Professional Development events; study trips; general meetings held across Northern Ireland and of course the unique Architecture Night. If you want to help shape things, we have local groups in each Council area, task groups, committees and RSUA Council.

Have a look at our online calendar to see what’s coming up. The website is being upgraded in 2019 and will soon have more information on how to participate in RSUA’s activities. For now, please feel free to call for a chat or to arrange a meeting with me.


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  • Robert Bleakney Architects

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  • Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

  • McGarry Moon

  • Robinson McIlwaine

  • Alastair Coey Architects

  • GM Design Associates

  • McGirr Architects

  • Rolston Architects

  • Allan Curran Architects

  • Hackett Architects

  • McLean & Forte

  • Samuel Stevenson & Sons

  • ARD Ciaran Mackel Architect

  • Hall Black Douglas

  • MHA Architects

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  • Arigho Larmour Wheeler Architects

  • Hall McKnight

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