Benefits of student membership

There are many benefits to student membership of RSUA including:

Benefits from RIBA 
• Discounts on events organised by RSUA
RSUA working with QUB ArcSoc and UU Architecture Society
RIBA Belfast Bookshop discount – 10%
Preparing for practice
Alan Barnes Travel Scholarship
Professional Insights Programme
Student awards

Every year at Architecture Night, RSUA celebrates the best work of architecture students from universities in Northern Ireland.  In 2021, Kayla Enos won Best In School for Queen’s University Belfast while Jordan Beattie was awarded Best In School for University of Ulster.  Kayla Enos also received the RSUA President’s Bronze Medal. 

RSUA also honoured the best postgraduate architecture students of the year. In 2021 Orlaith Rice won Best In School for University of Ulster and Anna Crew won Best In School for Queen’s University and also received the RSUA President’s Silver Medal. 

Fair pay for Part 1 Graduates

RSUA promotes architecture that enhances life in Northern Ireland. To maximise the positive impact of architecture we need: talented people to choose architecture as a career; nurturing of talented people; and, working conditions that allow talent to flourish.

To attract and retain talented young people it is essential that architecture is a career where each individual is valued and where everyone’s talent and effort is rewarded fairly. 

It is RSUA’s view that fair reward should be in place from day one of a graduate’s employment. We also believe that practices should have the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their commitment to the next generation of architects and that students should be able to make informed decisions as to where to seek employment based on this. RSUA believes it is very damaging to the sustainability of the profession of architecture when practices seek to minimise their cost base and undercut their competition by paying Part 1 Graduates less than the UK Living Wage. 

RSUA has therefore developed Commitments to Fair Pay for Part 1 Graduates which sets some minimum standards. This is a voluntary set of commitments which RSUA is encouraging all practices and all other organisations employing Part 1 graduates to sign up to. 

All practices that sign up to these commitments are listed below. Practices can join the list at any time by contacting Courtney Mageean by emailing Each year RSUA will remind students of the list before they are seeking jobs. In advance of this annual reminder, chartered members will be contacted to ensure every practice/organisation has the opportunity to ensure they are listed.


  • d-on Architects

  • McAdam Design

  • Robert Bleakney Architects

  • Alan Patterson Design LLP

  • Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

  • McGarry Moon

  • Robinson McIlwaine

  • Alastair Coey Architects

  • GM Design Associates

  • McGirr Architects

  • Rolston Architects

  • Allan Curran Architects

  • Hackett Architects

  • McLean & Forte

  • Samuel Stevenson & Sons

  • ARdMackel Architects

  • Hall Black Douglas

  • MHA Architects

  • Shane Birney Architects

  • Arigho Larmour Wheeler Architects

  • Hall McKnight

  • Michael Whitley Architects

  • BCL Architecture

  • Hamilton Architects

  • TODD Architects

  • RPP Architects Limited

  • Gregory Architects

  • Doherty Architects

  • White Ink

  • Architects Knox and Markwell

  • Ostick + Williams

  • Newline Architects

  • Tracey Architects

  • McGonigle McGrath

  • David Wilson Architect

  • HMD Architects

  • The Boyd Partnership

  • John Kirkpatrick Architect

  • Iain Stewart Architect

  • Christopher McCauley Architect

  • Blamphin + Associates

  • Bell Architects

  • Paul McGarvey Architect

  • Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects LLP

  • HLM Architects

  • Paul McAlister Architects

  • Philip Parker Architects Ltd

  • Peter Drummond Architects

  • MMAS

  • Manor Architects

  • Here Architects

  • McGurk Architects

  • Hutcheson Irvine Partnership

  • Invisible Architecture

  • McCreanor & Co. Architects

  • Studio Idir

  • PHP Architects

  • ASI Architects Ltd

  • Rachel Bevan Architects

  • Mullarkey Pedersen Architects

  • Ronan Downey Chartered Architect

  • Kevin Cartin Architects Ltd

  • WDR & RT Taggart

  • Rapport Architects

  • HPA Architecture

  • TÓG Architecture

  • McCann Moore Architects

  • R.Robinson and Sons Ltd

  • FM Corr and Associates

  • Whittaker and Watt Architects

  • Milligan Reside Larkin Architects ltd

  • Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD)

  • Like Architects

  • Micah T Jones

  • HBK Architects

  • McAdam Stewart Architects

  • Bernard Dinsmore Chartered Architect

  • Neil Mathews Architects

  • Farren Architects

  • Montgomery Irwin Architecture & Design

  • Bradley McClure Architects

  • Isherwood & Ellis

  • BGA Architects