100 years: The Built, the unbuilt, and the rubble


The National Lottery Heritage Fund is distributing a total of £1million through the Shared History Fund to organisations in the UK marking the centenary of Northern Ireland, and RSUA has made a funding application for a project to celebrate local architecture.

The built, the unbuilt and the rubble: 100 years of Northern Ireland through 100 buildings is a project to engage people in the history of NI through its buildings. The project will focus on the buildings that NI has gained over the last 100 years but also acknowledge the buildings that were lost during this period and those that were planned, but never built.

The selection of the 100 buildings will take account of the need to achieve a spread across:

  • all geographic areas in NI
  • each decade
  • all communities
  • different building types

The public will be invited to make the case for a particular building’s inclusion in the 100. Focused invites will be made to schools, architects, community groups and other civic organisations.

The output of the project will be an interactive online publication of the 100 buildings where people will be invited to share the impact a building had on their life. We will seek a media partner to serialise a selection of the buildings. A hard copy book will be produced. Tours/Online talks will be organised for a selected number of buildings.

RSUA expects to learn of the outcome of this process in the coming period and will update members in due course.