Alan Jones elected to RIBA Council

Alan Jones, the immediate past president of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, has become a member of the RIBA Council following the results of a national election. 

Alan’s election means there will now be four architects from Northern Ireland on the RIBA council. Martin Hare and Dawson Stelfox are there on behalf of the RSUA and John Cole also currently holds a national seat.

Congratulating Alan on his successful election campaign, Ciarán Fox, RSUA Director, said, “Alan’s election to the RIBA council will strengthen the voice of Northern Irish architects within RIBA. With half of each RSUA member’s subscription going to RIBA it is important that RIBA is delivering positive outcomes for members in Northern Ireland in partnership with RSUA.”

Alan Jones said, “My election manifesto clearly hit a chord with members as I received the second highest quota of votes. I set out the case for RIBA supporting a wider definition of success for its members and the need to accelerate to match the fast changing world.”

“I also gave my support to the incoming president, Jane Duncan, in her pursuit of higher fees for members when matched to a high level of professional service, which must translate to higher salaries for graduates and early career architects.”