Architects going the extra mile for charity


Belfast City Marathon is just over two weeks away, and all of our ask an architect runners are in the final stages of preparation for the race.

Fundraising for Friends of the Cancer Centre is well underway, and we’d like to encourage everyone to get behind our runners and support this amazing cause via their JustGiving pages which are linked below.

Running for HLM Architects we have Nicola McKay, Michael Murphy, Joanne Wood, Fran Sanles and Kevin O’Neill.

White Ink’s team is made up of Albert Parkhouse, Felix Gibson, Sean Tunney, Mark Anderson and Rory Magee.

Tipping the scales with an amazing 12 runners, we have TODD Architect’s Trudy Anderson, Angela Crossan, Sharon Fegan, Martin Delaney, John Palmer, Shaun Hegarty, Lisa Forbes, Brendan Holbeach, Joanne Brown, Lindsey McCord, James Harris and Martin Lennon.