Ask an Architect initiative continues to grow


The ask an architect initiative has been extended through to the end of September.  RSUA has revised the promotional plan to help participating practices make the most of this platform to talk to the public about the services architects bring to projects big and small. Thanks to NIE Networks all funds raised support our charity partners the Jill Todd Trust and Friends of the Cancer Centre.

On-demand CPD proceeds to ask an architect

Over the past couple of months the small fees that attendees pay are being donated by RSUA to the initiative and at this stage we’ve raised over £4,000 for ask an architect


With 42 practices now taking part, we continue to add bookings albeit at a slightly slower rate.  Over 130 bookings have been made through the initiative raising over £5,000. 


Given the current pandemic, clearly in person visits are much more challenging due to the restrictions.  Participating practices are delivering video consultations to support clients.

The website is open for bookings at