ask an architect sets a new record


The 2020 ask an architect closed on 30 September 2020. With over 200 bookings the initiative set a new record of engagement with members of the public. In recognition of the challenges facing charities during the COVID-19 pandemic RSUA contributed the small sums members paid for online CPD from April to July. All of this was made possible by NIE Networks who sponsored the initiative.

The Belfast City Marathon moved to a virtual event this year and fundraising was spearheaded by Saul Golden who took part in the Running Society of Underfit Architects relay team. The team completed the marathon in 4h 39mins and RSUA is grateful to them for their support.

L-R: Saul Golden, John Donnelly, Alan Bennett, Dermot MacRandal

All of these efforts resulted in another record year of fundraising and this year we are delighted to announce RSUA, in partnership with the Jill Todd Trust, has raised £15,000 for Friends of the Cancer Centre. Our thanks to the practices, members of the public, marathon runners, sponsors and members who supported our CPD events.

2020 Participating Practices

2020 architectsHBK ArchitectsMichael Whitley Architects
Alan Cook Architects LtdHLMMMAS
ALW ArchitectsJim MorrisonNeil Mathews 
Architects Knox & MarkwellKeys and MonaghanOGU Architects
Barrie Todd Knox & Clayton ArchitectsPaul McAlister Architects Ltd
Barry MaguireMark ToddREIR
BGA ArchitectsMcCann MooreRitchie Architects 
Conor & Co ArchitectMcCartan Muldoon ArchitectsShane Birney Architects
d-on Architects McGarry MoonStudio Idir
David Wilson Charterd ArchitectMcGonigle McGrathStudiorogers
Des Ewing ArchitectsMcNally MorrisThornton Architecture Studio
Farren ArchitectsMDL ArchitectsTóG Architecture
Glenn Massey Architect LtdMicah T Jones ArchitectWaddington McClure
Gravity ArchitectsMichael Herron Architects Williams Creative Design