Brexit Task Group

RSUA formed the Brexit Task Group to address the impact of Brexit on architects in Northern Ireland. Chaired by Paul Crowe, the group is formulating RSUA’s response to the potential of a no-deal Brexit and consider other scenarios.  The focus will be on individual architects, architect practices, students and clients.  

Brexit Task Group Chair, Paul Crowe

Membership and contact details

NameOrganisationEmail Address
Paul CroweTodd
Feargal HarronKennedy Fitzgerald
Michael DohertyDoherty
Hana StolcovahWhittaker and Watt

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Brexit Task Group


The RSUA Brexit Task Group met earlier this month with the Department for the Economy to discuss a range of issues related to Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The Department for the Economy agreed to keep the Brexit Task Group informed about opportunities to engage with consultations and reported that plans for a new architect’s bill will have a professional qualifications element (RSUA responded to the ARB consultation on this topic in October).

An update was provided on the issue of mutual recognition – both ARB and RIAI intend to retain mutual recognition processes for architects in NI and RoI with ARB keen to keep the process as administratively light as possible. RSUA is following up with the Finance Minister and the Economy Minister on regarding help for architects to prepare for Brexit including the publication of MAPS on the Department’s website.

A further meeting will be arranged to take place in December 2020.