What should we change about the Planning Act (NI) 2011?


The Department for Infrastructure is currently undertaking a review of the implementation of the Planning Act (NI) 2011 (the Act) as required by section 228 of the Act, which requires them to review the legislation at least once every five years.

They are seeking opinions on whether they should retain, amend, or repeal any sections of the 2011 act and are focusing on the elements which relate to Local Development Plans, planning enforcement, Planning Control and Additional Planning Control (key element of which are listed buildings and conservation areas). The Planning Act impacts our built environment and RSUA encourages you to get involved in responding to this review.

The Call for Evidence will help inform the consideration of this review – view the Call for Evidence and Response Form.

You are invited to submit responses by 4:00pm on 15 March 2021 using the Response Form and these should be emailed directly to the Department at Legislation.Planning@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk