Know of any climate change impacts on heritage assets?


The lead author for the ‘built environment chapter’ of the next Climate Change Risk Assessment for the UK (including NI) is looking for any recent published information regarding the assessment of climate change impacts on Northern Ireland heritage assets.  For example, it is understood that Armagh Cathedral recently experienced water ingress due to a change in wind direction and examples of similar incidents are being sought.

Please send any relevant information to by Monday 18th May.  Climate NI will collate all information submitted and share directly with the author.

Background information:

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment includes a Northern Ireland Evidence report which outlines the priority climate risks facing our region over each five year period.  The third risk assessment is under development and will be published in 2021.   In response to the risk assessment, the NI Government is required to develop a Northern Ireland Climate Change Adaptation Programme to outline how NI will prepare for these climate risks (an update to the current programme is due in 2021, and a third programme is due in 2024).  The risk assessment, and subsequent response from the NI government, can only be as robust as the information that is submitted, so we would be grateful for any information you can provide.