Department of Finance issues Information Note on NZEB


After a protracted effort the Department of Finance has published an information note to clarify the implementation of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) requirements from the end of this month. Regulation 40 is referred to in the paragraph entitled ‘Compliance with regulation 43B’.

Since publication of this note RSUA, the Construction Employers Federation and others have been seeking further clarification. Whilst there a number of issues that remain insufficiently clear, it is RSUA’s understanding at this point in time that the effect of this Information Note is to permit all new buildings to continue to be built to the current energy performance standards which have been in place for years and for which technical guidance is available. 

RSUA will continue to press for increased clarity on this issue and for some degree of certainty as to when the energy performance requirements will actually change, and will update members as soon as this information is available.