Implement NZEB without delay say Architects


The Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA) on behalf of architects in Northern Ireland, have responded to the consultation on Nearly-Zero Energy Building regulations from the Department of Finance, calling for new technical guidance to be implemented as a first step towards making new buildings more sustainable.

The response supports the option of cutting carbon dioxide outputs by 40% in the case of new houses, 25% in the case of new flats, and 15%, in the case of new non-domestic buildings but says that the move comes at least three years too late: “It is vital that these proposals are implemented within a short timeframe before the current Assembly term ends.”

In addition, RSUA members asserted that this technical guidance, which was open for consultation in late 2021, should be built upon going forward, pointing out that parts of the proposal will only bring regulations “to a par with those in the Republic of Ireland and upcoming England and Wales standards.”

The response also notes that this move should now form a catalyst for addressing the energy performance of existing buildings as soon as is possible.