Is new guidance on insurance for architects fair?


The Architects Registration Board (ARB) has launched new draft guidance on insurance requirements for architects in the UK and is seeking views and opinions before it is finalised and comes into force later this year.

The new guidance outlines what insurance arrangements architects would have to have in place to remain compliant with the Architects Code of Conduct.

Under ARB’s proposed changes:

  • It would remain the case that architects should have adequate insurance before undertaking any new work.
  • Coverage for certain types of claims – including fire-safety and cladding – could be held on an aggregate basis, and limited to covering direct losses.
  • It would not be a matter of misconduct if an architect cannot acquire retrospective insurance to cover historic liabilities, because of new exclusions applied to their policy
  • No architect should accept a minimum level of cover below £250,000 for each and every claim.

The draft guidance has been produced following research and engagement with the insurance market and professional bodies, including the roundtable event ARB held last year.

Henry Asson, Policy Officer, ARB said “Our intention is to bring in changes which are proportionate and risk based, whilst acknowledging that there are wider structural issues with the global insurance market.”

The Royal Society of Ulster Architects will be compiling a full response to the consultation. If you would like to participate please contact Emmet Doyle, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, on before Wednesday 8 June.