Maximising the procurement clarification process

Maximising the procurement clarification process

RSUA members are encouraged to make full use of the procurement clarification process when bidding for public sector projects.

Earlier this year the Government Construction Clients agreed a policy on how they will deal with tenderers’ concerns about a procurement process.

The two key points of the policy are:

Through the e-sourcing portal tenderers can raise any issues of concern, not just questions of clarification.

Clients have stated that they may take account of the number of tenderers that raise a similar request, or issue of concern, when deciding how that request, or issue of concern should be addressed.

For example, where one consultant has requested an extension of time and that request has been declined by the client, it is clear that the client may take a different approach to that issue, if subsequently all other tenderers submit a similar request.

Click on the link to view the policy on Requests for further information relating to procurement