#OurChangedPlaceNI grows


The RSUA #OurChangedPlaceNI initiative continues to generate new and innovative responses to the challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Urbanists, designers, architects, and members of the general public have been sharing some of them online.

If you haven’t contributed your idea to change the built environment then now’s the time. Just use #OurChangedPlaceNI on social media.

#OurChangedPlaceNI Initiative

Over the coming weeks and months the built environment must change extensively to enable a resumption of more social and economic activities whilst minimising the transmission of COVID-19. The changes should also aim to leave a lasting legacy of cleaner air, reduced carbon emissions, improved well-being and economic resilience.

COVID-19 is impacting on everyone in Northern Ireland and therefore we believe that the conversation on the changes to our physical environment is one that everyone in society should be involved in. 

The #OurChangedPlaceNI initiative calls on residents, parents, children, business owners, workers and everyone who is interested, to post on social media your ideas of the changes you would like to see to your area during this COVID-19 period using the hashtag #OurChangedPlaceNI.

Think about the competing demands on space arising from factors including:

  • social distancing of pedestrians
  • queues outside shops or for public transport
  • food and beverage businesses seeking to re-open (in due course) with tables in the public realm
  • safe space for everyday cycling for people of all ages and particularly school children
  • space for cycle parking
  • space for motor vehicles

Make your post about a particular place – a street, area, village – that you know well or suggest an overarching solution to a number of challenges.

Present your idea any way you wish – words, drawings, photos, a quick sketch, scribbles on a map etc.

There is no single solution and it can get complex. Each street and area must be assessed to address its own specific needs. The people and the businesses of the area need to be engaged and help shape the changes. The #OurChangedPlaceNI initiative is our first step to get that conversation going.

This is a fast-moving initiative. The time for action is now. #OurChangedPlaceNI.