Our Changed Place NI: update


On May 15, RSUA released a statement to the media welcoming the first small step taken by the Minister for Infrastructure to facilitate social distancing for pedestrians and highlighting the extensive changes to our physical environment that will be required to enable a resumption of more social and economic activities. We also launched an initiative called #OurChangedPlaceNI and called on residents, parents, children, business owners, architects, urban designers, landscape architects, civil engineers, planners and anyone else who is interested to post on social media their ideas of the changes they would like to see to their area during this COVID-19 per using the hashtag #OurChangedPlaceNI.



Since 15 May, we’ve seen coverage in the Belfast Telegraph, Newsletter, Irish News, Andersonstown News and Joan McCoy has written for Slugger O’Toole. Our Director Ciarán Fox also appeared on BBC Radio Ulster Talkback to discuss the initiative (from 1hr 07mins).


RSUA is calling on as many of you as possible to post something on your preferred social media channel (twitter, facebook, Instagram, linkedin etc) using the #OurChangedPlaceNI hashtag.