Planning Service Good Practice Guide launched by Environment Minister

The Good Practice Guide focuses on active caseload management and aims to improve the efficiency of the planning process by providing greater certainty about timescales, particularly for applicants and third parties, in the context of achieving the Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets.

Another objective of the Good Practice Guide is to raise the quality of applications submitted by focusing not only on the role and responsibilities of the Planning Service but also of applicants, agents and consultees in helping to deliver quality, sustainable development needed to support economic growth.  The implementation of the Guide is a critical step in preparing for the overall reform of the planning system.

The Guide introduces a project management approach for handling planning applications in ways that are proportionate to different types of development.  It sets out clearly how best to actively manage the progress of applications through the development management system and identifies the roles and responsibilities of Planning Service staff, applicant/agents and consultees at each stage of the process.

The Guide is not yet available on the Planning Service website but is available in hard copy or by email from Planning service HQ –