Policy regulations around countryside development re-emphasised


The Department for Infrastructure has issued an advice note to re-emphasise and clarify certain elements of existing rural planning policy. 

The Implementation of Strategic Planning Policy on Development in the Countryside advice note will not change the existing policy or guidance but will provide additional clarity on the planning system.

According to the Planning Advice Note, the objective of the planning system is to ‘secure the orderly and consistent development of land whilst furthering sustainable development and improving well-being’.

Local councils, while having certain flexibility to bring forward new policies for development in the countryside, must take account of the regional policy context when preparing their new local development plans.

Following consultation on the Strategic Planning Policy Statement (SPPS), it was decided that the policy provisions of the SPPS are appropriate and robust, and that the advice note would be produced to clarify and support its implementation.

The full advice note can be read here.