Procurement Committee discusses framework & research


The RSUA Procurement Committee meets four times a year to discuss issues which relate to public procurement to help develop opportunities for architects to win projects and improve the built environment in Northern Ireland. At this meeting they discussed Belfast City Council’s proposed Regeneration Framework for Professional Advisory Services, procurement research which might be of interest to RSUA members, and the complaints procedure at CPD.

The committee is due to meet Belfast City Council in January to discuss the Framework. The proposed Framework, which is expected to include Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University in addition to all the other local authorities in Northern Ireland, will have a long lasting impact on how these bodies procure projects. The committee will suggest ways to improve the Council’s approach.

Procurement research topics which could be of use to RSUA members are due to be discussed with Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University in January.

The committee also put forward items to be raised at the next CIFNI Task Group Two meeting which will take place before the end of 2019. One relates to clarification on how CPD handles complaints made through the official complaints procedure as outlined in procurement notices.