Professional Insights Programme off the mark!


This year’s Professional Insights Programme got off to a flying start on Friday 26 November when more than a hundred level three undegrduate students from Belfast’s two Schools of Architecture were paired with a peer and then introduced to their partner chartered architect with whom they are partnered.

The programme, which will run until May 2022, is designed to give students an initial understanding of the real-life work of an architect to help them better connect their current studies to their future professional life. Students are partnered with chartered architects who will provide a minimum of six hours contact time to the students. The programme aims to provide an insight into:

  • On-site activity
  • Interaction between client/user and architect
  • Working with other professions
  • Planning and/or building regulations
  • Resourcing and business administration
  • Winning work and/or procurement
  • The process of material selection

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