QUB Part 1 Year Out Programme

The programme is designed to support the Education and Development of Architecture students during their Part 1 experience in Practice. Graduates may have been successful in obtaining placement locally and further afield. Others maybe still looking, through this programme we will give advice and pass on approaches and hints from practice and other sources to those enrolled on the module.

The module includes monitoring, feedback and signing of up to twelve months of PEDR Sheets and allows for any remainder of the twelve months of PEDR sheets to be processed free of charge by us – up to four calendar years after enrolling on this module. 


  • Three days of lectures/seminars/workshops with lecturers, guest speakers and postgraduate students.
  • Advice and help with getting the best type of experience within a placement / office. 
  • Advice and help in finding a suitable placement, and help with preparation of CV and application letters. 
  • Help with interviews, where necessary, as preparation for job interviews. 
  • Coursework on theory and practice – via presentations from each student about their placement experience followed with a discussion about shared experiences. We use the web for presentations by those too far away to return for the Recall Day. 
  • Pastoral care and advice. 
  • Advice and preparation for postgraduate study, applications and interviews. 
  • Monitoring, feedback and signing of up to twelve months of PEDR Sheets submitted by students enrolled on the module. For the feedback and advice to be most effective these sheets need to be submitted to us on a three monthly basis. 

Every student who is considering postgraduate education, at Queen’s or elsewhere, is strongly encouraged to enrol. Students working abroad are also encouraged to enrol, and when they are unable to attend the Recall Days, their experience can be sent and shown to the rest of the group. 

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Ms Sarah Grehan on 028 9097 4007 or Tarla MacGabhann on t.macgabhann@qub.ac.uk.