RSUA agrees initial plan for regeneration of PLACE


RSUA Council has today agreed an initial plan to sustain elements of the programme of work carried out by PLACE and to establish a Committee to explore the regeneration of PLACE. The plan follows the closure of PLACE at the end of August 2019.

Under the plan RSUA will establish a PLACE Committee and will invite representation from: 

  • RSUA members
  • Other professional bodies
  • Department for Communities
  • Department for Infrastructure
  • Belfast City Council
  • Arts Council
  • Business Improvement Districts

Other people and organisations who may also be invited include former members of the PLACE board and the Irish Architecture Foundation.

In the short term, whilst the Committee is being established, RSUA intends to undertake a limited range of PLACE activities with the aim of maintaining some momentum around the role of PLACE.

These activities are:

  • Preliminary exploration of future funding for the work of PLACE
  • PLACE shop (stocking all items previously on sale via PLACE)
  • Architecture Tours
  • Client services
  • Infinite City Podcast

The plan confirms that RSUA is not permitted to organise Open House Belfast because professional institutions are barred from taking on this role under the rules of Open House Worldwide.

Other established strands of work which will be considered by the PLACE Committee for 2020 include

  • Exhibitions
  • Public talks
  • Urban Design Academy (summer camp for teenagers)
  • Urban engagement