RSUA announces winners of student awards


RSUA hosted a virtual event this evening to announce the winners of the student awards, including the Bronze and Silver Medals. Each of the shortlisted students gave a 5 minute presentation of their project before RSUA President, Donal MacRandal, announced the winners. Donal had previously judged the submissions along with Kari Simpson. To bring a tiny touch of celebration to the proceeding, pizza arrived at the doors of shortlisted students during the event.

Undergraduate – RSUA Bronze Medal Shortlist

  • Charlotte Ronsman-King (QUB)
  • Amy Loughridge (QUB)
  • Alice Wilson (QUB)
  • Matthew Borne (UU)
  • Lauren Kane (UU)
  • Mark McKerr (UU)

The judges made the following awards:

Best in School at Queen’s University Belfast – Alice Wilson, Carnlough Cookery School

Judges’ citation: “This submission displayed comprehensive analysis of the town scape which contributed to the montage based design approach for the scheme.  The cookery school demonstrated original analysis and critical reasoning in the treatment of the spaces within the scheme, creating areas of architectural quality.

The judges were particularly impressed with Alice’s development of the concept for her proposal through to her final scheme which was well articulated through her use of models and drawings. Alice demonstrated a clear understanding of the brief and the context of her site which was evidenced in her final design solution.”

Best in School at Ulster University and RSUA Bronze Medal – Lauren Kane, Coleraine Campus Student Hub

Judges’ citation: “This scheme demonstrated the most comprehensive, rigorous and coherent treatment in design.  It creates spaces of architectural quality and showed original analysis and critical reasoning.  The drawings were well laid out and of high quality communicating the scheme clearly.

Lauren’s scheme was extremely well considered and presented. Her project for a waterfront Student Hub demonstrated a very competent solution for its context, with a well communicated scheme that addressed the landscape and delivered an accomplished building – a very commendable recipient of the bronze medal.”

Special mention

The judges also gave a special mention to Mark McKerr of UU, Newry Gallery and Artists Accommodation, stating, “This submission included comprehensive analysis of the city development and environment which was evident in the scheme design.  The scheme demonstrated critical reasoning and coherent treatment in its spaces creating areas of architectural quality.  It is a large scheme but has some smaller elements designed in detail.

The judges were impressed with Mark’s concept development and analysis and his consideration of volumes and spaces within the design. His proposals demonstrated a clear understanding of the brief and the site context.

Postgraduate – RSUA Silver Medal Shortlist

  • Declan Davis (QUB)
  • Roger Bonnar (QUB)
  • Riane Samir (QUB)

(*there was no postgraduate intake from Ulster University in this particular year group)

The judges made the following award:

Best in school at Queen’s University Belfast and RSUA Silver Medal – Roger Bonnar, Bryggen Hotel and Workshop

Judges’ citation: “This submission displayed a comprehensive analysis of Bryggen’s development which significantly contributed to the design approach for the scheme.  The models and drawings demonstrate original analysis and critical thinking in the scheme design development.  The rigorous and coherent construction principles and detailing create a scheme with high architectural quality.

Roger’s thesis project was of a high calibre, incredibly well considered and researched. His work demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of its distinct context, with his use of models and attention to detailing delivering a very accomplished scheme – an extremely worthy recipient of the Silver Medal.”