RSUA Commitments to Fair Pay for Part 1 Graduates

RSUA promotes architecture that enhances life in Northern Ireland. To maximise the positive impact of architecture the profession needs:

(i) talent
(ii) nurturing of talent
(iii) working conditions that allow talent to flourish

To attract and retain talent it is essential that architecture is a career where each individual is valued and where everyone’s talent and effort is rewarded fairly.

It is the RSUA’s view that fair reward should be in place from day one of a graduate’s employment. We also believe that practices should have the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their commitment to the next generation of architects and that students should be able to make informed decisions as to where to seek employment based on this.

RSUA believes it is very damaging to the sustainability of the profession of architecture when practices seek to minimise their cost base and undercut their competition by paying Part 1 Graduates less than the UK Living Wage.

RSUA has therefore developed Commitments to Fair Pay for Part 1 Graduates which sets some minimum standards. Please click the link to view the commitments which have been unanimously passed by RSUA Council.

This is a voluntary set of commitments which RSUA is encouraging all practices and all other organisations employing Part 1 graduates to sign up to.

All practices that sign up to these commitments will be listed publicly on the RSUA website. Practices can join the list at any time by contacting Jeanette Hedley on Each year RSUA will remind students of the list before they are seeking jobs. In advance of this annual reminder, chartered members will be contacted to ensure every practice/organisation has the opportunity to ensure they are listed.