RSUA Design Awards 2021 and beyond


At the end of November, the RIBA board decided that, starting from 2022, projects will need to have been in use for at least one year before they can be entered into the RIBA awards. For background you can view the RIBA awards options paper. In the interim, the 2021 award winners will be selected from the 2020 shortlist. 

In recent years RSUA has aligned the RSUA Design Awards with the RIBA Awards to the extent that the RSUA Design Awards double up as the RIBA Northern Ireland Awards and provide the route to winning a UK-wide RIBA Award. 

RSUA Council has decided to continue with this alignment and, in so doing, derive benefit by also placing emphasis on the importance of assessing buildings in use and continuing to have a combined RSUA/RIBA approach to awards in Northern Ireland.