RSUA Launches Partnership with Hays Specialist Recruitment

RSUA has engaged with Hays Specialist Recruitment over recent months to develop a mutually beneficial partnership. The partnership aims to provide RSUA members with a recruitment service that is bespoke to their needs and to provide a sound basis upon which RSUA members can engage more openly with Hays.  

Hays has a 20 year track record working with the architectural sector in Northern Ireland. The company has invested consistently in niche advertising, innovative marketing solutions, online and offline marketing, social media and technological advances to ensure that they offer an excellent service to their customers. Hays have an experienced specialist team dedicated to providing a highly consultative and tailored approach to recruitment.

One outcome from our recent meetings is a commitment to convey how Hays undertakes the application and recruitment process, and how they uphold their responsibilities as a professional recruitment business and manage the confidential instructions that job seekers and clients retain them to undertake.

As a starting point Hays has agreed to provide the following commitments and outlined service to RSUA members:

Commitments to RSUA Members

1.      Application Process

When a person contacts Hays seeking new job opportunities Hays will treat such contact in the strictest confidence.

Hays’ standard practice is to establish the motivations for someone seeking a new employer.  On acknowledgement of application and at the initial consultation Hays will advise an individual that their career development and remuneration expectations will in many instances be met by having a meeting with their current employer.  Often the recruitment consultant will advise a cooling off period for the individual to reflect on the conversation to ensure that they are making a measured decision before proceeding further.

Hays will act consistently, honestly and professionally to, where possible, protect the interests of all parties. 

2.      Approach to sourcing candidates

Hays will not poach, headhunt or make unsolicited approaches to candidates. This is absolute.  When proposing candidates they ensure that every individual has been met with, vetted and has been put through a rigorous registration and compliance process. 

Hays will never directly contact a person highlighting specific job opportunities unless there is contact from the individual requesting information on relevant opportunities.

 3.      Contact with placed employees

As part of the quality procedures undertaken by Hays, there will be an aftercare process subsequent to a successful placement.  This will include contact within the first week and at the one month mark.  This is to provide support, guidance and consultation throughout the on-boarding process.

Hays has agreed to seek the approval of the employer before speaking to the candidate directly.

In the unlikely event that the placement is not progressing as anticipated, the employer can avail of a rebate period for up to three months.

Following the completion of one month aftercare, Hays will never contact an employee again.  Their status is changed to ‘Placed’ and their details are retained on file for subsequent audit purposes.

Hays works both to the spirit and the letter of legislation with regard to recruitment and selection procedures.  They are audited internally and externally, and constantly seek to improve the service levels they provide and reiterate the values to which they subscribe.

4.      Fair approach to pricing

Hays’ fee is based on a percentage of the salary offered. The company does not wish to benefit financially when an employer has to increase or negotiate the initial salary offer to secure a particular candidate. Therefore the placement fee for a permanent member of staff will always be based on the initial salary offered with no further fee increase in the event that the final salary agreed may need to be revised.

Hays places the highest importance and emphasis on its quality procedures, professional ethics and reputation. A breach of any of these commitments by a member of Hays staff would result in disciplinary action.

All members are encouraged to refer to the partnership commitments when they are next engaging Hays.

If you would like to get in touch with Hays, please contact Michael Dickson on 028 90 446 900 or