RSUA President responds to the announcement of RIBA National Awards 2018

The President of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, Joan McCoy, has expressed her disappointment at the omission of Northern Irish projects from the RIBA National Awards.  Responding to the announcement of the RIBA National Awards 2018 she said,

“It is very disappointing and quite surprising that not one of the 12 winners of a RIBA Northern Ireland Award 2018 was deemed worthy of a RIBA National Award.”

“The quality of buildings on the Northern Ireland regional awards list, achieved often with very restricted budgets, is a testament to the creativity and design skills of their architects. As a profession we need to celebrate architecture that is within the reach of everyone, not just those with deep pockets. There is no doubt that the typical budget for a building in Northern Ireland is considerably lower than in the wealthier parts of the UK and I do wonder how much that is taken into account by the national judging panel.”

“The winner of the Liam McCormick Prize, Northern Ireland’s building of the year, was a six-class room primary school, a building type notably under-represented in the National Awards. The judges who visited the building were deeply impressed by the quality of the architecture despite many constraints. This is the sort of project which without being flashy clearly demonstrates the enormous value that architects can bring to a community and highlights the importance of excellent architecture in our public buildings.”