RSUA responds to consultation on draft BIM Procurement Guidance Note

The RSUA has provided an initial response to the draft BIM Procurement Guidance Note issued by the Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) at the start of July.  The guidance is intended to assist the Government Construction Clients and the construction industry with the implementation of BIM on public sector construction projects.

The RSUA highlighted the difficulties of having a consultation period of only one month particularly during July.  As a result of limited member feedback the RSUA has only provided an initial response and has sought a meeting with CPD to discuss the guidance further.

The initial response included the following points:

– Identifying the ‘BIM Goals’ and ‘BIM Uses’ in a project should be encouraged within the guidance note.  These will inform the rest of the BIM process.

– Guidance on who might provide the Common Data Environment in the pilot projects would be useful.  Highlighting the benefits of the Employer providing the Common Data Environment should be considered.

– Employers should be encouraged to improve their knowledge of COBie to ensure Employers Information Requirements are clear about the COBie parameters required at each stage of the project.

– There are benefits in linking deliverables direct to individual Plain Language Questions were possible.

– Guidance for Employers on a strategy to the adoption of Uniclass 2015 might be useful.

– Reference to ‘Standard Method Procedure’ within the BIM Execution Plan would be helpful in highlighting an important part of the BIM process.

– Employers should be encouraged to share lessons learnt with the industry as a whole.

Click on the link to view the draft Procurement Guidance Note.