RSUA Women in Architecture host Draw, Drink, Discuss


On Friday 12 June RSUA Women In Architecture hosted “Draw, Drink, Discuss” which was an evening of making/sketching/painting along with three brief presentations from architect-artists accompanied by BYO drinks. 

RSUA commissioned a drawing by Anna Gibb especially for the event which was a celebration of 31 buildings by architects (who happen also to be female) a number chosen to represent the aggregate percentage of female architects in the countries for which the statistic was available. People were able to print and colour in at home, or alternatively people were invited to draw a building they would like to be in lockdown in.

The three presentations were delivered by Nadine Graham, Mark Donnelly and Jane Larmour. Nadine traced her interest in drawing from early childhood and discussed her technique and showcased a work-in-progress. Mark presented on seven things he learned in architecture school and then unlearned again – positing his colourful drawing style as a rebellion against the formality of mainstream architectural drawing. Jane showcased art which inspired her and showed some of her watercolours of the Donegal landscape.

Alongside a piece from each of the three presenters, a coloured original of the Anna Gibb’s drawing were given away to attendees at the end of the night with donations suggested for the Architects Benevolent Society.

You can learn a bit more about the RSUA Women in Architecture from their Instagram page and if you’re keen to join then contact Jude Falloon by email at