Stormont passes Climate Change Bill


The Assembly is giving its backing to Northern Ireland’s first climate legislation, brought by Agriculture and Environment Minister Edwin Poots.

The Bill includes a target for net zero emissions by 2050 and the appointment of a climate change commissioner.

Until now, Northern Ireland had been the only part of the UK without climate legislation.

The Bill will require a sectoral plan to be drafted for areas such as energy production and supply, transport, infrastructure, business and industrial processes, residential and public (in relation to buildings in these sectors), waste management, land use and land-use change, including forestry and agriculture.

The bill also now includes legal provision for Just Transition – support for sectors to adjust without being unduly penalised.

Director of Sustainable NI Nicola Hughes commented “We are delighted with this news. It is an important first step upon which we can now build strong sustainable policies for a thriving planet and society.”