‘There is a forest in my backyard but my house is built from trees grown far away’


An architecture practice from Northern Ireland have collaborated with a local photographer to contribute to a new international exhibition which explores the ways wood is used in architecture, construction and design.

OGU Architects from Belfast are one of five practices from the island of Ireland and five Estonian who created work for the exhibition ‘There is a forest in my backyard but my house is built from trees grown far away / Mu maja pole puudest, mis kasvavad kodu taga metsas’ which is the result of a competition and creative exchange between Estonia and Ireland called Wood Works.

The exchange was initiated by the Estonian Association of Architects (EAA) in partnership with the Estonian Centre for Architecture (ECA) and the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF). The exhibition proposal was selected through the Wood Works Curatorial Team Competition in 2020, judged by the EAA, ECA and IAF.

OGU Architects contribution is entitled “The Bricoleurs” and features photography from Joe Laverty.

“We often try to achieve uniformity and control in architecture, but there is much to learn from making a building out of second-hand components. A collection of timber parts is a collection of trees from different species, places and points in history, thus from a miscellany of habitats and able to support a more resilient ecosystem.”

OGU Architects

The exhibition will run at Navan’s Solstice Arts Centre until 25 March.