Transition to eTendersNI begins

Government Construction Clients in Northern Ireland have started the transition to advertising tender opportunities on the new eTendersNI portal rather than eSourcing NI.

From 10 July 2015 onwards the CPD Construction and CPD Health Projects began to use eTendersNI to advertise construction works and services.

One of the key benefits to the construction sector of the new eTendersNI portal is the opportunity to save information to the supplier profile in the form of ‘supplier profile certificates’.

This new process reduces duplication of effort, by storing standard information to the supplier profile so that it does not need to be entered each time a tender is created. These certificates are now available for suppliers to complete.

In addition eTendersNI will automatically send email alerts for relevant tenders, provided suppliers have saved the relevant procurement categories to their profile.

These two new features will reduce the time previously required for finding opportunities and preparing tenders, benefiting enterprises of all sizes in the construction sector.

Remember to check eSourcingNI over the summer. During this time of transition remember to check both the eTendersNI and eSourcingNI portals, to ensure you do not miss out on any opportunities.

Click on the link to view the eTendersNI website.