Trust seeks new conservation advisers


The Irish Landmark Trust (ILT) is seeking to renew its panel of conservation advisors.

ILT was set up to save heritage buildings which are abandoned or at risk throughout the island of Ireland. The organisation undertakes their conservation, restoration and maintenance by adapting them to new uses. This usually means making them suitable for short-term (e.g. holiday) lettings.

ILT has engaged panels of advisors at intervals since 2006 and is now seeking applications from Grade 1 RIAI, or equivalent architects and professionals with experience and expertise in architectural conservation to assist in certain aspects of its work.

These may include:

  1. Provision of full architectural services for a conservation project.
  2. Preparation of a feasibility study
  3. Preparation of a conservation report
  4. Preparation of a condition report

Interested applicants should contact by Friday 18 March 2022 and a detailed brief will be issued to those interested. Further information about Irish Landmark Trust can be found at Irish Landmark Trust is proudly supported by the Heritage Council.