What do architects think of the Programme for Government?

The Programme for Government is the highest level strategic document of the Northern Ireland Executive which sets the priorities that it will pursue in the current Assembly mandate as well as the most significant actions it will take to address them.

The Programme for Government (PfG) is currently out for consultation and responses are required by 23 December 2016.

All RSUA members are encouraged to voice their own opinions on the draft PfG however RSUA intends to submit a response on behalf of all the members.

The key question for RSUA may be something along these lines: What role does a well designed built environment have to play in achieving the outcomes sought in the Programme for Government and what does the Government need to do to enable our built environment to deliver more positive impacts?

It is important that the Government is told what architects, collectively, think of the Programme for Government and particularly how it could be improved.

All members are invited to provide input to the RSUA’s consultation response by emailing ciaran@rsua.org.uk with their views however members with a particular interest in this should notify Ciarán Fox who will be organising a meeting dedicated to discussing the PfG over the next fortnight.

Click here to access the PfG consultation documents.