Aldo goes to Primary School


Authors: Hugh McNally, Dominic Morris, Keith McAllister in association with Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast.

Experiencing Primary School through the lens of the autistic spectrum.

This booklet draws on the results of research carried out by Hugh McNally and Dominic Morris of McNally Morris Architects and Keith McAllister of Queen’s University Belfast. The objective of the study was to obtain a greater understanding of the impact that architecture and the built environment can have on people with autism.
The authors illustrate through stories, some of the issues that emerged from their research into the world of a child with ASD. The aim of the booklet is to open up dialogue with those whose responsibility it is to provide the type of environment that is appropriate for school children with ASD. It is hoped that the issues raised and the lessons taken from the learning environment can be applied elsewhere.

The authors are providing these remaining booklets free of charge excluding postage.

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Dimensions: 21cm x 21cm x 0.5cm
Published by: McNally Morris Architects, 2013
Format: Soft back


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