Model Citizen: Transport House Mosaic


The Transport House mosaic comprises a tiled concave mural, inspired by the heroic iconography of the Soviet Constructivists and rising five-stores above street level. The mural depicts the key industries of Belfast – ship building and aviation, all supported on the foundation of uniformed workers.



Dimensions: 300 mm high x 56 mm wide, 13 mm deep, Weight: 0.29 kg.

This piece comes pre-drilled and ready to hang on the wall.

Can be collected from the RSUA to avoid shipping costs.

Made to order: approximate delivery time up to 3 weeks. The models are delivered in a strong, durable double walled cardboard box nestled in a bed of recycled brown shredded paper which ensures the product is well cushioned during its journey to you.

Established by Architect John Donnelly in 2016, Model Citizen specialises in producing finely detailed plaster cast architectural model sculptures and details which explore the diverse built environment of Belfast, Northern Ireland. ‘Model Citizen’ was founded to promote public understanding and appreciation of the architecture and craftmanship present in Irish cities, manifesting as an ongoing series of intricate sculptures.

During his time studying Architecture at the Belfast School of Art, John explored the medium of using plaster and concrete to cast models during the design process and as finished models. Each model is made using a special non toxic gypsum/resin composite material which picks up a greater level of detail than standard gypsum, but is also very robust giving the models a reassuring feel of quality.


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